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For users, made by scientists.

Versatile sensing demands sensors that are flexible enough to match scientific research day after day. Colibri products are made for reliable work in many areas of application ranging from use with conventional fluorescence microscopes to monitoring in bioreactor systems. With years of experience in sensor development, Colibri has gained unique expertise in design and manufacturing of the smallest and most versatile line of optical oxygen sensors in the micrometer to nanometer range.

Our new OPAL-system


CPOx-optodes (optional)

+ no interfering signals
+ works with weak signals
+ compatible to 3rd party sensors
+ connectable to fluorescence
   microscopes and bioreactors
+ wireless detection up to 1 m


+ non-invasive
+ standard Ø 50 µm
+ designed for versatile use
+ high signal/noise-ratio
+ fast response time

+ minimal-invasive
+ tip Ø from 10 to 50 µm
+ rugged tip design
+ high signal-to-noise ratio
+ fast response time
+ no oxygen consumption