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We talked to many medical scientists, biologists, physicists and engineers.
hey helped us to keep up with our goal to get to know your needs in the lab. 

With OPAL, Colibri Photonics can now provide high-end technology that suits you and your needs. OPAL has been designed to be your swiss knife when it comes to miniaturized oxygen measurement. To catch up with more than state-of-the-art, we have integrated digital lock-in technique and many electronic components we know you will love: 

 OPAL is ... 

...your system to upgrade your fluorescence microscope to a versatile optical measuring station for oxygen.

OPAL comes with
+ a highly sensitive photomultiplier to be installed at the camera port
+ a LED light source to be installed at the fluorescence lamp port
+ a optoelectronic hardware unit with an innovative detection method to mask interfering background fluorescence
+ PC software for control data processing


  • Probe diameters of CPOx beads: 50 µm; smaller probes on request..
  • Calibration divergence of individual beads: typ. < 1 % point at 21 % vol. O2;
    < 0.5 % points at 0 % vol. O2.
  • Measurement range 0 to 100 % vol O2 (corresponds in water to 0 to
    1 mmol / L O2 at 37 ° C); special probes for low O2 concentrations on request..
  • Measurement accuracy typ. ± 1 % at 21 % vol. O2.
  • Response times in the range of seconds.
  • Control and data processing by means of PC oder Netbook via USB interface..
  • Works with common fluorescence microscopes..
  • Special designs for bioreactors on request.



The modular concept of OPAL also enables to realize custom setups for non-invasive and invasive optical oxygen sensors. Its wide range of configuration options will help you build up your custom sensor applications. 

CPOx-beads are ...

+ extremely small polymer beads with Ø down to 100 nm
+ high signal intensity and signal-to-noise-ratio
+ high photo stability

+ insusceptible to interfering third party fluorescence
+ successfully used in 3D-bioreactors, animal and plant model  organisms as well as industrial applications



Fig. 2 (above): Exemplary CPOx-beads.
Fig. 3 (below): O2 distribution within cartillage, day 1 (l) / 4 (r).


Since CP-systems allow real non-invasive measurement from distances up to 1 metre, you gain maximum flexibility in your experimental design setup and you can even measure from within, not only from the outside of your sample.